Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today, I think I'm going to do some work on my husband's myspace page for his dojo. It looks a little boring and I think adding in a few slideshow's of the dojo and action shots there will make it look better. Don't you? ;) I'll post on here so that when I'm done you peeps can check it out. :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Did I get....Fired?

Those that know me, know where I work. Know that it's part-time. Know that I don't HAVE to work for the money. So when I told my bosses I needed to cut back my hours for family matters and such I wasn't too shocked when they said they would just start looking for someone else. But it was the reaction from them, when I didn't get all bent out of shape or change my mind when they said that that was really surprising. They had no idea that I wasn't and wouldn't be in the least upset about not working for them anymore. It's arrogance on their part. I have to do what is best for me and mine. Not what's best for them and their career of choice.

It was all left hanging in limbo. "Do what you can the rest of April and then I'll get back together with you then and see where to go from there." Think that ever happened? No. Today was to have been my last day. Was it ever discussed? Every brought up? Ever even thought about on their part? They acted as if nothing had ever happened. I was somewhat sadden by that. I would like for them to find a replacement. But with some of the other things happening at home right now it's better that I keep this job until some other things are stable. It's not like I'm bring in the money hand over fist or anything. But it is income on some level.

I'm discouraged. I'm irratated and part of me still just wants to dump the whole thing and say, thanks for the opportunity and if you ever find someone to take my place (yeah......right) then I'll be happy to train them if you like. Who knows how this mess with end or if ever?

Isaac and Evan Grace were dedicated 1st service this past Sunday. It's about time right? Matt came around to the whole idea of it easily enough. :)

Will update more later. Time to get the little ones in bed.