Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing.

Did I forget to post this new beauty that my mom picked up for me? WOW! This thing is a dream. Look at all the little gadgets that came with it and yes it's not completely 'together' yet in the piccture but wow oh wow do I love this new machine!!!!!!! So I've been busy putting my new machine to work and here's a few things I finished up today.

A new summer dress for Evan Grace. Yes I know summer is almost over but anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of putting a short sleeve shirt under the dress so you can wear it all year round. Evan Grace picked out the fabric for this dress too. So that's always sweet.

Isaac was in need of more PJ pants and me trying to think ahead decided to make this pair a size 7 instead of the size 6 he wears. Whoa buddy are they waaay to big. I sewed the elastic in them pretty tight so they will stay on his hips but it looks like he's wearing parachute pants when he doesn't have his shirt on. :)

Check out the messenger bag. It's Transformers just like the PJ pants and has a front pocket. He LOVES it and immediately filled it full of Transformers when I handed the finished bag to him. (P.S. this is what Isaac looks like as a soldier!)

I had a few more projects I started AND finished today but I'm going to wait on how to post them later on. I'm working up a how-to because they are so simple and cute. All in all I got a LOT of sewing done today. I'm going to try and keep at it so there are sure to be more posts.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art by Isaac

We were sitting at the table. Isaac on my right, Mackenzie on my left, Evan Grace playing on the floor behind us. I was cutting construction paper for tomorrow's 1st grade Math lesson when Isaac picked up a big scrap piece of paper and a pencil. He started drawing. He asked me to draw a catepillar, which I did and a cat, which I did as well. The he started telling a story about all the things he was drawing. So, me being me, took a picture of his art/story and posted it here. I hope he does more of these.

Here's the top half of the paper.

Poison Pig--a hand snapping pig that doesn't want people coming to this barn so he poisons all of the people. (top part of paper)
Friendly Pig-- nice pig that doesn't use poison (right under the poison pig)
Bumping Cat (far left of the paper) he bumps into everything 'cause he doesn't see well.
Caterpillar Man--a sick Caterpillar that lays in bed all the time. (Yes I did sketch the Caterpillar, thanks for noticing and yes I did leave out the 'r' on the paper, thanks for picking that one up too!)

The bottom half of the paper.

Eggy the egg walking dog, shoots ice out of his tail! (top left of paper)
Friendly Giraffe (that's all Isaac had to say about this one) (middle right of page)
Grumpy the grumpy Giraffe--he burps a lot when he gets hungry when he sneezes he throws up. (middle left)
Friendly Cat--he doesn't do anything but play with yarn and rocks! (bottom right) (I did draw this one too, he's very pudgy isn't he?!)

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Caramel Sweetened Condensed Milk

Do you know what you get when you put a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk.....

in a crock pot and cover with water and then cook on low for 8 hours?
(When you take the hot can out of the crock you HAVE to let it cool for a FULL HOUR before you open it!!!)

Wonderful caramel dip great for apples and really good on ice cream. :) My kids devoured this!! I have a recipe for homemade sweetened condensed milk that is better than the canned stuff but I'm not sure what I could put the homemade stuff in, that has a lid, that can stand up to the heat of a crock pot for so long. This was so good. Tip: Cook it overnight so you don't have to 'wait' on

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Marbles and butter.

A conversation I had with my 6 year old Isaac Saturday night before bed.

"Mom, what do you do with marbles?"
"Well you can play a game with them."
"But can't you do something else with marbles?"
*I had to stop and think for a second. If I tell him what I use marbles for he's going to want to try it himself and it's a lot of 'work' and it'll end up with me doing the majority of the work so should I go ahead and tell him? Oh ok!!
"Well mommy uses marbles to make butter."
"WHAT?!?! How do you use marbles to make butter? You can make butter?"

"You take a big jar and pour something called whipping cream into it....."

"Then you and Evan Grace can each drop in one marble, then screw on a lid and you shake
and shake and shake until you can't hear the marble clank around inside the jar anymore.
After that you have to keep shaking it until you hear the marbles hit the jar again."

"When that happens you've made butter!"

"What Isaac?"
"Can we make marble butter tomorrow?"
"Sure we can."

In all reality I ended up shaking the 'marble butter' for almost 35 minutes. Isaac and Evan Grace bailed after about 5 minutes of shaking each. But we not only have wonderful fresh butter but we had a small glass of buttermilk to go with it, maybe for a cake later this week or some scratch bread or biscuits. (If you make butter at home this way, don't forget to dig out the 2 marbles before serving the butter.)

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