Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I’ve been MIA for awhile now, please forgive me. I’ve not been sewing or crafting or much of anything really but keeping up with day to day life.

I started a new job, part time only but it’s fun, and interesting and kicking my butt all at the same time.

I’m still homeschooling the two little kids but with the new job we’ve had to increase the amount of work we normally do and even started homeschooling on Saturdays. Bummer for me, not so much for the kids.

Football season for Isaac is officially over. The Packers won every single game, as well as the Super bowl. That was a crazy intense game. It was tied up 6-6 until the last 5 seconds of the 4th quarter (I kid you not) when one of our guys broke free of the line and ran and ran and ran for the winning touchdown.


Here’s a great picture of Isaac getting ready to run across the field as his name is being called!!!!!!


Both teams lining up for the coin toss. I love how the Packers are holding hands….just like a true team.

But enough about football right? Mackenzie completed her fall season of cheer for the JV football team and is now practicing for Winter season. Basketball…ugh, there’s not a sport I could hate more than basketball but I’ll be there cheering her as she cheers on the team.

She’s one of the main reasons I haven’t been crafting or sewing lately. She had a science fair project she needed some help on.


That one was due on a Monday, then she had another science project due the next day. Two cakes, decorated to look like the inside of a plant cell and animal cell. Props to Aunt Vanessa for helping on that one so I could recover from the Science Fair.


Then there was the Veterans Day concert. Ohhhh my goodness, it was soooo good. The program was fantastic and I was soooo very proud of Mackenzie and the rest of the choir. As soon as I relearn how to post a video on my blog I’m going to post her solo in We Are the World!!!!



Mackenzie is in the very back row, third from the left. See the girl in the front pointing at her smile? That’s Mackenzie’s BFF Hannah. She’s a goof!

As for Evan Grace, she’s actually learning to really, truly read but she’s more interested in math (go figure). And as always she’s busy all the time. For example, she’s busy reading to the pets (Daisy looks really entertained doesn’t she?)


and busy building steps for her bears…


and busy just being all around cute!


Consider yourself updated and I’ll consider myself a bad blogger whose going to try and do better about keeping up this time.  Smile



Monday, November 28, 2011

Paper Bag Turkey!

Yes you really are going to bake a turkey in a paper bag without setting your house, (or the turkey) on fire.

You’ll need a 15-18lb turkey, completely thawed and de-gibleted….no it’s not a word but it would be so cool if it were!

1 celery stalk

1 large carrot (cleaned and rough cut)

1 large onion, quartered

4-5 clovers of garlic, smashed under a knife.


Stuff all of the veggies and garlic into the turkey.


Now rub your turkey down with olive oil. I didn’t snap a picture of this step because honestly, my hands were covered in oil!!!

Take a large paper bag, open it up wide. Yell at Boy Toy to come help you if you need an extra pair of hands.  Place the stuffed, oiled turkey into the brown paper bag and set it down into your basting pan.


Fold the ends over and staple together. If your bag isn’t big enough use two bags and staple them together.


Sprinkle water over the bag until it’s wet but not soaking.


Slip this bird into a 375 degree preheated oven and set it to cook 15 min for each pound.

You can check to see if the turkey is done by inserting a meat thermometer and making sure it reads between 163-170 before you call it done. Or if yours was like mine you wait for the little red button thing to pop out. Smile


Now you tell me, isn’t that a beautiful turkey? All roasted up instead of steamed and ohhhh so juicy!

If you’re wondering why the bag doesn’t catch fire, paper burns at 415 degrees and since we’re baking well enough below that the oven should never get hot enough to catch the paper bag on fire.

Throw away all the veggies you stuffed in the bird and get carving!


Happy Holiday!