Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bento Box/Bag

I have been sewing some lately, though not taking any step by step pictures. Here’s one of my latest projects. I didn’t come up with the pattern though, I found it online and decided to give it a whirl.

Here’s the front of it, all tied up and ready to go.


The sides are suppose to be floppy so that when you open it up to get your lunch out you’re not all hemmed in. (Dorky sewing joke I know but ha!)


Bet you want to see the inside of this now. I’m definitely going to change how I do the dividers if I make this again. The pattern only required you stich the dividers together at the top without any attachment to the bottom and I think it’s just a little too flimsy.


One good thing to point out about the dividers sewn this way…if you have something bigger to pack for lunch that doesn’t fit nicely into one of the slots you can fold the slots up and slide the food underneath, maybe that’s why they aren’t suppose to attach to the bottom???? Let’s go with that.


Here’s everything open.


Or you can leave the handles together and just open the cover to get to all your yummies.


I’ve taken this box to lunch to work with me a few times and every time I do someone comments on how neat/cute/ great it is. When they ask where I got it and I reply that I made it they can’t hide their surprise.  I’m proud of this little lunch box and it wasn’t near as complicated as the pattern directions made it out to be. If you’d like me to put up a tutorial on how to make one of these bento boxes for yourself leave me a comment below.  That would be a good excuse to make another one wouldn’t it. Smile


Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Seamstress

1 yard of Hello Kitty Fabric  


+ a cute 6 year old


+ a curiosity in sewing with Contessa


= a brand new pillowcase sewn by the cute 6 year old allllllll by herself!!!!!


I had to try very very hard to hold back my excitement over her wanting to learn how to sew. I was even more excited when she actually started sewing and did really well for her age. I’m thinking she’s ready for an apron next, maybe even a blanket for one of her babies.