Saturday, August 23, 2008

My homeschool Shelf

Ok, it's not a shelf, but it's what we call it! 7th Grade and Kindergarten....whew. What's it going to look like when Evan Grace starts in 2 years? Yikes!!!!!!! (one of the wire baskets is full of recipe books though, but all else is homeschool books that we USE this year!!!!!)

The blue latch top tub is Isaac's Math Manipulative's. We do like using those!


Is anyone else out there addicted to these little slick pieces of paper???!!!!! I felt I had to put all my coupons (still valid mind you) out and document it for evidence for when I really do go crazy!

The colored envelopes that are on each pile is my system of organizing my addiction! These are just the food coupons I have! The other envelopes are MISC (cat food, meds that kind of things) Hygiene and Razors; Restaurant, and Cleaning Supplies.
The sad thing is it takes me an extra 15-20 minutes to go through them before I head out to the grocery store to use any of them. :)


These past two weeks have seen some milestones in our family. Isaac actually asked me me to do school today. I was going to let him skip today since we're already ahead and Kenzie is at a sleepover. But he just wanted to do his 'school work' so I caved in and we did a few lessons. Here he is starting his Phonics worksheet.

Here he is matching up Capital letters with their lowercase matches.
Now he's moved on to his August calender for Math class.
Kenzie's milestone was she finally got to wear Mascara!!!!
Evan Grace's milestone was that her hair has finally grown out long enough to put into a ponytail!!! It only took her 3 years!! (in case you're wondering, this is Isaac's version of dressing up like the superhero Storm from XMen!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Shall I list them all? we go

1. My dog (whom I use to love) chewed through one of my best bra's yesterday while we were out shopping (through the wire she chewed!!!!)
2. The rabbit we are pet sitting (Rutger) chewed through the wire of Mackenzie's new, expensive CD player and we can't find a replacement ac adapter!!!!
3. I'm at a standstill with my weight loss :(
4. I fall off my emotional cliff every Sunday after church and end up with a monster headache
5. Isaac no longer wants to go back to his class on Sundays at church (I don't blame him, the room is only big enough for 10 people and they are cramming 15+ in there)
6. I'm in a desperate need of having another baby and my husband is still saying 'lets wait a little longer!'
7. I can't shake the feeling that I'm stuck in something that's going to take awhile to get out of
8. I haven't heard anything back on my novel! Good or bad!

I'm so pitiful aren't I?????

But on a good note, (It's a shorter list but I'm going to be positive)

1. The first week of the homeschool year has gone great.
2. I HAVE lost weight and got a tan!!!
3. I'm still digging my new hair cut
4. I've gotten some really nice new pieces of jewelry
5. I'm learning who my closest friends really really are! (I love you Erin, Brie,Leisha, Dottie & Roxanne!!!!)

And on an entirely different note, Matt's birthday was today! He's 34.....Happy, happy birthday baby!The kids and I picked out IronMan plates and cups and birthday banner for the party. I'll have to post the pics of them when I upload the pictures. The cake was a little girly but it's the only yellow cake Nancy (at Cakes Etc) had and I didn't plan enough in advance to get one ordered! We had fun. Matt's request for his birthday dinner was Meatloaf (I must make a really great one if someone, anyone, wants to eat it for their birthday meal!) mashed potatoes and broccoli and cheese! That was easy! Next up is Evan Grace's birthday and we'll be done with birthday's until next year. We're going to take her to Build A Bear and I don't know what else.

There's my joys and woe's. I've got to get more regular in updating this thing now that I'm home from vacation. But don't hold your breath.

~Lady J

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For my Enigma (Matt)

A/N(square poem, 7 syllables, 7 lines)
For my Enigma

It’s the feel of fingertips
Lightly caressing my face.
A longing gaze from green eyes
Breathing life into my dreams.
Enigma of heart and soul.
What will I do with this love
Complete now only in dreams?

Out of the dark you call me,
Help me face what’s never seen.
With hands so strong and secure
A heart so full of laughter
Smiles so brightly on your face
Whatever souls are made of
Yours and mine are from the same

Pounding hearts are synchronized
Mind and body so alike
Dare I follow where you go?
Can I risk not having you?
We want, need, but ache alone
One obstruction in our way,
Miles between my heart and yours.

I wrote this for my hubby, whom at the time was my long distance boyfriend. :D

Wipe away my face

Too far away to beat the odds,
danger prancing at my feet.
Devil slides in with an evil grin,
looking like all I ever wanted.
Gotta shove off, keep it at bay,
traps open up too easy.
Not much point in breathing,
still I keep it up.
Someone always there to take my place,
clean up the mess,
wipe away my face.

This is an old one, I found it today while cleaning out my computer files. I had totally forgotten about this one!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

July Trip to VA

We were in Virginia for almost two weeks recently. We just got home 3 days ago. It was a fun trip. My dad took the kids fishing (the younger two) for the first time. They loved it. I shopped, rested and now I'm geared up for the new school year. Here's some pic of the fun the kids had while there.

I can't believe Mackenzie wanted to rock climb!!!
And sure enough, here she is doing a fine job of it. She's only tw ofeet off the ground but you'd never know by looking at this picture. :D
Evan Grace catching her first Pumpkin Seed fish ever!!!
Isaac catching his first Blue Gill fish ever!!!! (with a Spiderman fishing pole no less)
Awwwww! They was like the 5th or 6th fish by now.
They had a really great time. It made me think of the times my dad took Vanessa and I fishing while growing up to the same Lake. Things haven't changed all that much back home.