Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For my Enigma (Matt)

A/N(square poem, 7 syllables, 7 lines)
For my Enigma

It’s the feel of fingertips
Lightly caressing my face.
A longing gaze from green eyes
Breathing life into my dreams.
Enigma of heart and soul.
What will I do with this love
Complete now only in dreams?

Out of the dark you call me,
Help me face what’s never seen.
With hands so strong and secure
A heart so full of laughter
Smiles so brightly on your face
Whatever souls are made of
Yours and mine are from the same

Pounding hearts are synchronized
Mind and body so alike
Dare I follow where you go?
Can I risk not having you?
We want, need, but ache alone
One obstruction in our way,
Miles between my heart and yours.

I wrote this for my hubby, whom at the time was my long distance boyfriend. :D

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