Sunday, August 3, 2008

July Trip to VA

We were in Virginia for almost two weeks recently. We just got home 3 days ago. It was a fun trip. My dad took the kids fishing (the younger two) for the first time. They loved it. I shopped, rested and now I'm geared up for the new school year. Here's some pic of the fun the kids had while there.

I can't believe Mackenzie wanted to rock climb!!!
And sure enough, here she is doing a fine job of it. She's only tw ofeet off the ground but you'd never know by looking at this picture. :D
Evan Grace catching her first Pumpkin Seed fish ever!!!
Isaac catching his first Blue Gill fish ever!!!! (with a Spiderman fishing pole no less)
Awwwww! They was like the 5th or 6th fish by now.
They had a really great time. It made me think of the times my dad took Vanessa and I fishing while growing up to the same Lake. Things haven't changed all that much back home.

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