Saturday, August 23, 2008


Is anyone else out there addicted to these little slick pieces of paper???!!!!! I felt I had to put all my coupons (still valid mind you) out and document it for evidence for when I really do go crazy!

The colored envelopes that are on each pile is my system of organizing my addiction! These are just the food coupons I have! The other envelopes are MISC (cat food, meds that kind of things) Hygiene and Razors; Restaurant, and Cleaning Supplies.
The sad thing is it takes me an extra 15-20 minutes to go through them before I head out to the grocery store to use any of them. :)

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Leisha said...

You have me tempted to blog about my coupon book!! I had not thought of that.....hmmm - you asked about the Paddle Book - take a look at the Ambleside link on my blog - this is the curriculum we are trying this year...we have just completed week 4 and all is well;-)