Saturday, April 21, 2012

MS Walk 2012


When April rolls around everyone in the household knows it’s time to get ready for the MS walk in Bristol, TN.  The kids were really excited this year and Evan Grace even donated $9 of her own, hard earned, money ‘for the cure’ as she liked to call it.


We all met up at the park and got ready to walk.



After getting registered and turning in the money we had raised it was time for the welcome speech. We were excited that we were the first walk of the year in our region, usually we’re one of the last. (I think that’s a rabbit rom one of the local radio stations, but I’m not sure).


Then we had to take the annual group/couple photos while on the actual walk.  Vanessa and her hubby.


My oldest, more mature child (cough,cough) and I. Yes, this picture was her idea…..if you were wondering.


And of course the rock picture we take every year with my beautiful mom front and center. Smile


The walk this year was fantastic but I must confess I fell deeply, madly in love with another man while we were there.  Needless to say Nathan was sure uncomfortable to be there and witness me falling all over myself to get close to this guy as often as I could. But honestly, could you resist falling for such a magnificent man??????


His name is Smoke and I want him!!!! Ok, I’ll settle for a Great Pyrenees all my own instead of stealing this guy from his owner. It’s probably better that way for everyone.

My mom is only one of so many that are affected by MS so get involved, find where and when your local chapter walks at and get walking for the cure.


Much love to all my readers,