Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cozy Toes

I received this email in my inbox yesterday concerning my original post here.   I thought I'd share it with all my readers and anyone else that might follow the link so they would know what's going on and why.

If you still want the pattern and instructions you will have to email me from now on!!!!
I'll try and respond to every request within 2 days. 

You know the more I thought about it the more I realized that all I had to do was rewrite the instructions and take down the pictures. So that's what I did.  I personally think mine are simplier to follow. So below Ms. March's letter are MY instructions for the Cozy Toes.  If you'd rather have them in an email feel free to email me. I'm happy to help! Happy sewing.    Is another place for the information as well, pictures include. They are great instructions easier to understand than the ones in Sew News and even mine!!!!

Here's the silly email from Ms. March. I hope you all get a kick out of it like I did. :)

Hello Jessica,

It has come to my attention that back in December 2012, you began providing instructions to people for our Cozy Toes pattern tutorial. Then you posted the full instructions and even scanned the how-to images onto your blog for all to see. This is in direct violation of our copyright and I am asking that you remove this posting immediately. We own this content, and although you make no claim to it on your blog, you have not purchased the rights to it, as we have.

The pattern was posted on our site in conjunction with the print article in the magazine. In order to obtain the instructions, the article is needed. Even when the issue is out of print, the instructions are still available for an individual article reprint or a digital or print issue in its entirety can be purchased. The point is, we have all-rights to this pattern and the instructions in a legally binding contract.

I do understand the frustration of people posting comments about the pattern on our site. And I'm sure you can also understand that we are in the business of educating our readers as well as attracting new ones. How do you expect us to stay in business if all of our content is given away for free? We offer a lot of content for free as it is, including patterns, templates and instructions. But we must recoup the cost of rights from designers, sewers and writers.

I appreciate that you are one of our dedicated readers and were acting to help those in need. I'm excited that you're a member of our Sewing District, and an active member at that. But I must respectfully ask you to remove your posting.

Thank you kindly,

Ellen March
Warm, Cozy Toes Instructions (look I even changed the name just incase!)


½ yard each of canvas

½ yard short faux fur (the longer furs are just going to cause you trouble)

14” square of double-sided fusible interfacing

Color coordinating thread the all purpose kind works great

Cross stitch thread or embroidery thread of matching or coordinating color

 You'll need to download the pattern for the slipper. 

After you print the pattern then find your shoe sizes and cut it. Place your foot on the pattern  before you cut it to make sure you have the perfect fit. If you’re a 9 ½ like I am go ahead and cut the next size up. Rather to have them a little bigger than to tight.

Take your canvas fabric and cut 2 top pieces, 3 sole pieces and two sides. Then take your fur fabric and, cut 2 top pieces, 2 sole pieces and two sides. Cut only 2 top pieces and 2 sole pieces from your interfacing. Now you’re ready to sew.

Fuse your interfacing to the top 2 pieces of canvas and the 2 canvas sole pieces. Follow the instructions on the interfacing you purchased.

Now you’re going to pin the interface canvas top to the 2 fur top pieces. Sew with ¼ seam allowance. Turn it all right side out and fuse those two pieces together. Take that piece and fold it in half so you know where to start sewing your side pieces on. Mark the upper-edge of the canvas and the fur with a fabric marker or a stick pin.

Get out your side pieces. With right sides together and starting at where you marked your creased fabric match up the side edges with the front mark of the top pieces and pin. Do this on the other side as well. (If you need pictures of this just email me I‘m happy to provide them. Sew around the edges and iron. Now do the same thing with the side backs (right sides together) and sew it up.

Turn the shoe right sides out, which means the fur will be on the inside and the canvas on the outside. It will look like a slipper now but without the bottom. Trust me.

If everything looks right so far and you‘re still with me turn your slipper where the fur is on the outside. Right sides together, pin the sole piece outer edge with the furry side lower edge and sew together. You can surge or zigzag this seam so that it‘s stronger if you like. Now you can once again turn your slippers right side out and iron them nicely.

If you want to add a whipstitch to the outer seams along the top and side of the slippers it creates a really cute look. Though it‘s not a necessary step it's a nice detail..

Repeat all the above steps for the other slipper. Before you slip them on though you need to make the insoles. You should have 1 canvas sole piece and 1 fur sole piece left. Just stitch them right sides together, leave a space for turning them right side out, iron them and then top stitch the edge so they are really secure and lay flat. Slip them into your slippers and you’re ready to put these bad boys on.

I’m more than happy to send these instructions in a PDF for anyone interested. Just shot me an email. I’ll try my best to respond within 2 days of receiving your email. J