Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ripped T-shirt Tutorial

As promised, here’s the super short, very quick tutorial on one of the ways to rip up a short to make it a little more grunge, trendy looking.
Decide where you want your rips to be. If you’ve got a long sleeve you can do this on the sleeves, or the back or front of a shirt. Mackenzie’s shirt was a little big so we decided to do it on the sides to make the shirt fit better.
Once you’ve decided lay your shirt out flat.
Now take a pair of scissors and cut your way down the shirt. You don’t have to measure or be exact. Try and keep how far you cut into the shirt the same though.  I went in about 1 1/2’’ and my cuts were about 1’’ apart.
(If you do decide to do this on the sides of your shirt then start your cuts underneath the arm pit seam. If you cut into this seam then you’ll have a problem with the sleeves)
This part is a little hard to explain but it’s easy, I promise.
Pick up the first loop you cut and hold in one hand (left side of picture), and hold the second loop in the other hand (right side of the picture).
You’re going to push the 2nd loop (now on left side of picture) thru the 1st loop (now on right side of picture).
Let go of the 1st loop but keep holding the 2nd loop. Now pick up the 3rd loop and feed it thru the 2nd loop.
Continue doing this until you’ve used up all your loops. Remember, the loop you push thru the previous loop is the one you hold and use for your next loop.
Now that you’re finished looping your shirt, the bottom should look like this. One long loop.
Cut this loop in half and use each end to tie a knot into the loop above. This holds everything in place and stops it from unraveling.
Then cut off the tails, or leave them on if you like the look.
Now try on your shirt.
The knot looking thing in the middle of the loops is where I cut the loops out of the seam of the shirt. If you use this method on sleeves or the front and back of the shirt the knot thing in the middle will not be there. It’ll be more like a string.
I love how it almost looks like it’s braided when you look at it from the front.

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