Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art by Isaac

We were sitting at the table. Isaac on my right, Mackenzie on my left, Evan Grace playing on the floor behind us. I was cutting construction paper for tomorrow's 1st grade Math lesson when Isaac picked up a big scrap piece of paper and a pencil. He started drawing. He asked me to draw a catepillar, which I did and a cat, which I did as well. The he started telling a story about all the things he was drawing. So, me being me, took a picture of his art/story and posted it here. I hope he does more of these.

Here's the top half of the paper.

Poison Pig--a hand snapping pig that doesn't want people coming to this barn so he poisons all of the people. (top part of paper)
Friendly Pig-- nice pig that doesn't use poison (right under the poison pig)
Bumping Cat (far left of the paper) he bumps into everything 'cause he doesn't see well.
Caterpillar Man--a sick Caterpillar that lays in bed all the time. (Yes I did sketch the Caterpillar, thanks for noticing and yes I did leave out the 'r' on the paper, thanks for picking that one up too!)

The bottom half of the paper.

Eggy the egg walking dog, shoots ice out of his tail! (top left of paper)
Friendly Giraffe (that's all Isaac had to say about this one) (middle right of page)
Grumpy the grumpy Giraffe--he burps a lot when he gets hungry when he sneezes he throws up. (middle left)
Friendly Cat--he doesn't do anything but play with yarn and rocks! (bottom right) (I did draw this one too, he's very pudgy isn't he?!)

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Calibelle said...

Tee. Hee. How sweet. Looking forward to more of Isaac's characters.