Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing.

Did I forget to post this new beauty that my mom picked up for me? WOW! This thing is a dream. Look at all the little gadgets that came with it and yes it's not completely 'together' yet in the piccture but wow oh wow do I love this new machine!!!!!!! So I've been busy putting my new machine to work and here's a few things I finished up today.

A new summer dress for Evan Grace. Yes I know summer is almost over but anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of putting a short sleeve shirt under the dress so you can wear it all year round. Evan Grace picked out the fabric for this dress too. So that's always sweet.

Isaac was in need of more PJ pants and me trying to think ahead decided to make this pair a size 7 instead of the size 6 he wears. Whoa buddy are they waaay to big. I sewed the elastic in them pretty tight so they will stay on his hips but it looks like he's wearing parachute pants when he doesn't have his shirt on. :)

Check out the messenger bag. It's Transformers just like the PJ pants and has a front pocket. He LOVES it and immediately filled it full of Transformers when I handed the finished bag to him. (P.S. this is what Isaac looks like as a soldier!)

I had a few more projects I started AND finished today but I'm going to wait on how to post them later on. I'm working up a how-to because they are so simple and cute. All in all I got a LOT of sewing done today. I'm going to try and keep at it so there are sure to be more posts.

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