Wednesday, June 12, 2002

It was...

It was countless hours on the phone.
It was the night, nervous, scared we met.
It was that cocky little grin you gave as hello.
It was the feel of your fingers playing in the back of my hair.
It was tangled sheets on hotel beds.
It was the smell of bubblicious.
It was the thought of dirt bikes.
It was that voice I cannot forget.
It was how you called me ‘baby’.
It was our first kiss that left me breathless.
It was the ease in how you calmed me.
It was how you took my disappointments and made them better.
It was how I felt when you were near.
It was your blue eyes, shimmering, dancing.
It was the feel of your hair between my fingers.
It was the day we made love on top of a rock face.
It was the feel of your heartbeat pounding under my ear.
It was your skin against mine.
It was knowing I had someone else in the world that cared.
It was your fingers intertwined with mine.
It was feeling happy and free at the mention of your name.
It was finding something inside of me somewhere inside of you.
It was nights spent alone yet knowing one day we’d be together.
It was all the stupid things we said.
It was the million hours that we were.
It was hard.
It was lonely.
It was torture being so far away.
It was knowing, deep down, that it wouldn’t last.
It was fearing the end was closer than I thought.
It was having my greatest fear come true.
It was heart breaking.
It was mind numbing and crushing.
It was love.

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