Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One More Drink

I found you at the bottom of a glass.
When the last of the amber liquid was gone you were there waiting,
with all your smiles and touches, your soft voice, and charming flirts.
For just a moment we hang suspended.
In between crystal, and cognac tinted air,
We danced on the wet, concave floor.
No words, just smiles and then your laughter,
it echoes off the opaque walls and skims across my skin.
Then noise erupts and love begins to fade
I hold on a second longer, not willing to lose you yet.
Blue eyes sparkle, a smile playing on your lips,
you speak, whispered words I can’t catch, then dissolve into existence.
One more drink, another ocher dream of grace forever lost before I move on.

*author's note* I'm not a drinker, it's just an image okay? Good grief!!

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