Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So I've not been here for awhile. I've been swamped with homeschooling the past few days. Getting all the grades for this year logged in and making sure we can finish this week, all of that in addition to the normal household whacky stuff I usually do has gotten me bogged down. :(

I've been kicking around this idea of having a personalized cross stitch website set up for my stuff. I've always taken pictures of the stitches I have done and I can upload them and have people order what they want and how to personalize it for them as well. Hmmmm....I just don't know if my wrist can hold up to it. This last bout with tendinitis really really messed me up and halted all stitching I was doing. Keep in mind I was stitching nearly 3 hours every night, sometimes more if I stitched while the kids were down for a nap. I don't know. We'll see. I've finished 2 bookmarks that were fun to make. One for my mom the other for my sister. I'll post the pic. They are quick and easy. I did another hummingbird for my grandmother's gravesite too. Next trip to VA in July I hope to finally get to put them on her marker.

So, yeah, maybe after this weekend I'll be able to blog more than I have been. :)

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