Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Aid Roll

Remember my Crayon Rolls? Well I had a thought a few weeks back....what about a First Aid Roll done up the same way as a Crayon Roll?

I picked out some coordinating fabric. Then after deciding what I wanted in my First Aid Roll I laid out all the items. I went with Wipes, a box of different size band aids, hand sanitizer, an anti-itch stick and a travel pack of tissues. I cut 2 rectangles to fit around the items with enough room for the seams. One rectangle for the back of the roll, the other for the inside of the roll.

Now to make the pockets. I cut two strips of coordinating fabric half the size of the original rectangle.
Don't forget the interfacing...I used a medium weight fusible that I ironed on to the back of the large rectangle.
I sewed the two smaller rectangles right sides together down one long side. Then pressed them open with the iron.
I then laid the smaller rectangle on the large one and placed my First Aid items back in to make sure the pockets fit just so. I pined the pockets in place, removed the items and ran a stitch from the top of the dotted fabric to the bottom to create the pockets.

Next I cut some Rick Rack half the length of the rectangle and pinned it to the top of the far left pocket. Then I took the rectangle I cut for the back and right sides together sewed up all 4 sides, leaving a 3 inch opening for turning right side out.

Here's a picture of the inside of the finished project. (I added in an extra pocket for my homemade bug spray that I found just for this picture)

It looks pretty cute rolled up too doesn't it? It is a little on the big side but I like it much better than carrying around a plastic First Aid box. This can stuff quite nicely into a big purse or travel sack too.
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Anonymous said...

Great idea! these could be used for all sorts of things, might give it a go :)

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Great idea!
*sigh* except for us folks who are sewing challenged :)

Although, I have found that a glue gun can take the place of thread sometimes (lol especially if you just remember to NEVER put it in the dryer.)

Thanks for joining with us on FFB.