Monday, September 12, 2011

String Scarf.

Would you believe in all my fabric stashes that I don’t have ANY green or yellow fabric AT ALL? I don’t wear yellow but  Isaac playing football for the Packers I had to have something green and yellow for all his football games.
Since I didn’t have a trip to a fabric store planned I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 tank tops at a sore for $4 each.
I had a scarf idea in mind, that way no matter what else I wore to Isaac’s games I’d still be wearing team colors.
I laid out the green and white tank top out flat and cut from left to right, 1’’ strips all the way up to the top of the shirt. Here’s a picture of the first strip cut.
Once you’ve cut out all your strips take one at a time and stretch them out until they roll inwards.
Here’s a picture of what the strip is before you stretch it: (The 2 pieces are laying on top of each other)
Now here’s what it looks like once you’ve stretched it just a little bit:
Neat huh? NOW, wrap this rolled fabric around your wrist like you would an extra long necklace that you wanted to wear as a bracelet. You can wrap it just a few times or you can wrap it until you can’t possibly go over your hand anymore.
I went for completely wrapped. This will make for a fuller scarf in the end. If you wrap fewer times and make bigger loops then you’ll end up with a longer scarf but not as puffy.
Once you’ve got it wrapped around your wrist, carefully take it off your arm and lay it aside while keeping it’s circular shape.
I wanted yellow on the end of my scarf so that’s why the next step shows a yellow circle as well as the green and white one. Just fyi.  Now cut thin strips from the green and white shirt or another color of fabric you have if you want that fun look. You’re going to tie 2 stacks of circles together, side by side.
Step one, lay two circles beside each other. Thread your thin strip in and under one circle and up and through the other one beside it.
Tie like you would for the first step in tying your shoe strings.
Double knot it and then clip the long ends down close to the knot.
Continue on tying the side of the next circle to the other side until you’ve used all your circles or your scarf is as long as you desire.
If you want little fringe things like I did on the bottom of mine then simply slide your scissors  to the end of the circle opposite where you tied your double knot and cut all the way through.
Cute and fun and ready for the next Packers football game!!!!!!
Daisy gives it her stamp of approval too!
Did you really think I was going to be able to make something, take pictures of it and Evan Grace NOT get in on it? Winking smile
If you notice in the pictures I went back over the parts that I tied with yellow fabric strips  to help bring in more yellow. What a fun scarf!!!!


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