Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm allergic to my wedding ring

Yes, its true, this gold band with diamonds set in to it is messing with my ring finger on my left hand. From time to time it gets really bad, really itchy, really swollen, really red and it just drives me nuts. So why don't I just take the ring off and be done with it? Get over my allergic reaction to gold and let my finger heal up? Why don't I just take my husband up on that offer to get me another ring, one that doesn't have gold in it and wont cause such a fuss? It's simple really, this is the ring that he an I picked out a few days before we tied the knot. This is the ring he gave me and wanted me to have. It's nothing flashy, I didn't want flashy, its not big and screaming 'I'm married look at me' because I'm not out to make a statement. What it is is simply and wonderful perfect. Yeah I know another ring could hold the same meaning but call me silly, I want this one. Beside I can lather up in Cortaid and have some relief for a day or two right? ;)

I love you Henry and my ring.

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