Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I've got an idiot

*author's note* this was written when I was staff and poetry editor at Lit.Org

I've got an idiot (well that's what I like to call him) that from time to time decides to email me a totally flaming email. And I can't help but smile everytime I see it in my inbox. The message never changes so I already now what to expect and I grin in anticipation. I mean is that messed up or what. You'd think that I would see it and cringe, or sigh in frustration but instead I laugh and pass it around to some friends of mine so they can email me back, laughing and pointing at how off balance this person is.It's really an ego boost too...the thought that someone is actually consumed enough to think of emailing me and actually doing it on a regular bases, going so far out of his way to get someone else to email me that I don't know just to make sure I get the email. WOW.....I've really touched this persons life (sniff, sniff) The fact that idiot thinks about me on almost a day to day bases is quite flattering. I must have made some impression....so when I see that email from time to time that lets me know that he's wrapped up in his own little world and can't be a better person than to let thoughts of me run his life....I can't help but smile. I've never made such an impact on someone before....now if I could only use my power for good!!! muahhhhhahahah....;)

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