Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ev the momma

My kids are so very different and at times so very much alike. I think at 3 years of age Evan Grace is already showing signs that she's more than likely going to be a mom and a great caregiver. She spent a lot of time earlier today loving on all her babies. She wanted me to come see them and take a picture. And after I told her what a wonderful job she did and how sweet she was she piped up, 'I'm a good mommy!' I have to agree.

There are 9 babies on her couch...all asleep at the same time. How does she do it?
And she looks beautiful too as she looks at her bear in the play pen and the other baby she has in the baby swing. :) Check out the dog below, I think she's feeling a little left out.


Lisa Laree said...

She's obviously going to be very good in a church nursery! :)

~*Lisa*~ said...

Do you think I could borrow her. I could take a lesson or two from your precious girl! She looks like a Tiny little Stepford Wife in that pretty dress and doing all the house work! Precious post Jess. Love you!

Girl we had 3 count them 3 sick kids. Kenzie had Strep and Fifths, Bella a nasty cold, Silas ear infections in both ears and cold. I told Pastor Liz on Friday we would just be staying home all weekend so We kept the germs at home! YOUR WELCOME! ha ha again LOVE YOU and sad I missed you!