Friday, November 20, 2009

Extended Family

These are some pictures from the September reunion that my old church family has every year. I didn't get a picture of everyone but the good pics I got I thought I'd post here. I grew up with these people. The guy in the bottom left corner in the brownish shirt, is one of the David's that my Isaac is named after. He was my pastor growing up and family friend.

Danny, bottom right, is my god father. :)

Justin, top left, just a few years younger than I. My mom and his mom are best friends so we spent a lot of time together when we were younger.

Sherry, right next to Justin, is my Aunt/cousin on my mom's side. :) What can I say, she's a firecracker and I love that she loves my kids as much as she does me.

The two ladies on top right, Dreama and Cathy. Two very different people that brought very different things to the table for me while growing up.

The bottom middle picture, the annual volleyball game. The girl with the ball, that Jessica too. She's wonderful. I miss her.

Next years picnic can't come too soon.
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