Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Apron.

So I love aprons and have even started collecting them. I love wearing them and love the different styles and patterns. So when I saw this pattern and fun fabric I got excited. I've wanted to sew my own apron for awhile but I didn't want to jump into a big complicated pattern and get bogged down with making something that was more work than fun. Making this apron was fun. It was quick and easy, the only time consuming thing was turning the apron ties at the waist and around the neck right side out. :) I need one of those turning hooks. Maybe next trip to the fabric store I'll pick one up. I plan on making more of these and I already have my next pattern.

Thanks to Mackenzie for modeling this, though it went against everything in her Gothic being to do so, she did a bang up job. (Though she did make me promise to cut her face off in the pictures that I used on my blog)
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bippity boppity becca said...

I wanna make an apron! Where did you get this pattern?

Jessica G said...

I found this one at Joann Fabric. It was so super easy. I need to go ahead and sew up the other one that I cut out a few weeks ago before I started the advent bags. It was a straight out pattern so it'll be more complicated than this easy one.

I'm so glad we got together this past weekend. I hope we can do it next trip to Alabama.