Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I recovered my couch cushions two weeks ago. It was an easy project, almost like making pillow cases, but on a bigger scale with long zippers. Trying to get a picture of just the new couch cushions by themselves proved harder than actually making the covers. Why you might ask? Daisy!!!

I swear she's posing for this picture. It's her innocent look..."Who me?"
Me: "Daisy come here. Off the couch. Off! OFF!"She actually listens. I pick up the camera, get everything just so so in the frame and get ready to snap the picture....then BAMM! She's back and posing again!

So I move from in front of the couch to the side to maybe sneak a picture. No such luck.

Finally!! I think I got it, a good picture of the new covers with no dog in site. Only when I uploaded this picture to my computer did I see Daisy's TAIL IN THE CORNER !!!! Regardless, you get the idea and overall look of the covers. I love it. Maybe one day I'll attempt an actual slipcover. The thought of jumping into that trap scares me!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. Love the material!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Silly dog. Love the material. Great job.