Friday, June 3, 2011

Where have I been?

My poor blog. I use to hate going a few days without a new post yet here lately I’m hardly ever posting. Heck, lately I’m hardly even on the computer at all.

I’ve been busy though.

Busy growing Basil…


…and Oregano…


and Parsley.


Evan Grace wanted to take care of her own Sweet Pea plants so we planted a few along with the flowers. She and I are both amazed at how fast these peas are taking off.


Then there are the roses,


And lucky me, I now have two strawberry plants, that are really producing! (This is just a picture of ONE of my plants!!!)


The kids and I planted a small garden this week full of bell peppers, cranberry beans, corn, cantaloupe, cucumbers for pickling, sweet peas and green beans. As soon as everything starts sprouting I’ll take pictures. I’m excited to have my hands in the dirt again but I’m bummed that it’s taking away some much needed blog time!!!!


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