Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soccer Mom to Flash Dance!

From time to time I’m asked to help out with a certain insurance agency in town (the best agency if you ask me but I’m biased) anyway I was given a t-shirt to wear for the upcoming event.

Very soccer mom right?


Just look at how high that neck is? And the length of those sleeves!!!! Ugh! Since I was given this shirt the night before the big event the next morning I didn’t have a lot of time to do what I really really really wanted to do with the shirt.

What I did do was take it off, rather quickly, fold it in half with the logo facing up.


Decide just how much you want out of the neck by deciding how much skin, shoulder, chest you want to show. I only wanted to open the shirt a bit so it wasn’t so stuffy.

I cut about an inch away from the sew lines already in the collar part and followed the curve all the way around. You can totally make this an off the shoulder t-shirt too by cutting more than an inch away but don’t go to far away from 2 or so inches or you’ll end up with a shirt sack that falls to your elbows!!! Eeeekkkk!


Since t-shirt material will NOT fray there was no sewing required for this look.

Now I’ve left soccer mom behind and moved straight into a Flash Dance t-shirt! Cause ‘I’m a maniac, maniac….’ Oh sorry, back to the shirt! My event co-helpers were somewhat envious that they were stuck in a drab, off the rack t-shirt and I wasn’t!


There’s a slight pucker in the front of the collar but it was only the way I was standing. If you cut nice and neat the collar will be smooth and straight.

I really wish I had enough time to remove the sleeves, then shorten then and sew them back on. The insurance agency logo was on the bottom edge of the sleeve (you can see it in the picture) so I couldn’t just cut off the ends.

A quick fix to avoid run of the mill t-shirts!

Happy non-sewing!


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