Monday, July 18, 2011

Firepower instead of Fireworks.

There were no fireworks for us this 4th of July, but there were still things firing.

My dad has wanted to teach Isaac how to shoot a BB gun for awhile now. Anyone that’s met Isaac could quickly understand why I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. We went over ground rules, do’s and don’ts and I let my son pick up his first gun. (I was excited for him, which surprised me! He was out of his mind excited at the entire idea).


I think the lack of shirt and camouflage shorts kinda adds to the whole experience doesn’t it. There’s no avoiding the country look today!


His first two shoots were pretty impressive for his first time ever. (By this point I was quite the proud momma)

Mackenzie wanted to try her hand at it. DSCN2129

Evan Grace’s fingers could barely reach the trigger but she had to try a few times right? As long as Pawpaw was there to help her that is.


Every shot had to be examined. Plus I really look pictures of people walking away.


While I too my turn behind the sights (you didn’t think I wasn’t going to shoot off a few did you? Silly!) Vanessa stole my camera and started snapping.



Thanks sis, what would I have ever done without those pictures?


By the end of the day I was really happy and impressed with how well Isaac (and everyone else) handled the BB gun. I’m not sure now why I was so nervous. Isaac listened and followed every rule, he even went as far as reminding me and Auntie Vanessa how to load and to put the safety on after you fire and before you move.  Now I’m a little worried with what my dad may have started.


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