Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sandlot Football that is. I signed Isaac up a few weeks ago and the he had camp this past week. He was apprehensive about it at first, but he didn’t respond with his usual upsets so I was curious to see just how well it would go.  He was nervous, I could tell and he told me he was. I was nervous and excited for him. He was in gymnastics for a year but this would be his first team sport ever.
There were 35 boys there. Name tags were stuck on, all weighed in and camp began. They split into groups and were taught 3 point stance.
Then the boys had a few different timed relay type things to do, like running left and right to each cone.
Seeing how fast you could cross the line.
Then everyone was assigned the positions they were going to play for the games. Isaac, weighing in at 80lbs, was immediately signed to Lineman. Linemen moved to were the dummies were and set to work again.
More work on the 3 point stance. (He learned it pretty quickly)
Then some hitting and pushing around the dummies.
His coaches are nice and so patient. After the 2nd day of camp Isaac was totally in love. Teams are picked sometime next week, and he has to have a physical and pad fitting on his birthday. He’s asked about it everyday and wants to know how loud I’m going to cheer for him when he plays his first game (Oh and if Boy Toy can come and watch him so he can cheer too!)
Isaac + football = Love (for now)
Oh, what did Evan Grace do while all this practice was going on? Well, what she always does, pose for pictures.
Life just got busier for us Odd Ducks but with all the excitement surrounding football I’m looking forward to it.


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