Thursday, February 26, 2009

For $100 dollars

This is what I got at the Kids Kloset at the Consignor Sale Wednesday night. All this for $100 bucks. I'll go back on Saturday for the 50% off sale and see if I can't pick up a few more things, especially for Isaac. There just isn't a lot of good things for boys there that are reasonably priced. BUT, Once Upon A Child in VA always has great things for Isaac so that's when we usually stock up on things for Isaac. :) I LOVE the Kids Kloset and since I always consign with them I usually always break even. What I end up spending is how much I usually get back from selling my kids clothes!!! I'll post again on Saturday if I get anymore great finds. If you want info on the Kids Kloset go to

Evan Grace's clothes. I couldn't get her out of the Disney
dress to put in the pile so here she is wearing it.

Evan Grace's ONE toy that she got. It's a magnet set for the fridge. Very CUTE!! For $4.

Isaac's clothes with his ONE toy the remote control race car.

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