Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye to Passie

All three of my kids were addicted to pacifier's at an early age. With Mackenzie, I started cutting away the silicone part of the passie for a week or so, until it was gone and she had to desperately hold the plastic ring against her mouth, in hopes that the 'suckey' part would come back. It never did and she gave up her passie. Isaac, was addicted for 3 years and when we took it away from him, he transferred it to his blanket. He didn't suck on his blanket, but he would hold the corner of his blanket to his mouth and suck his bottom lip, which I still catch him doing from time to time. So when Evan Grace was a little over 2 I decided to nip the passie addiction early, rather than waiting for her to turn 3. So I hear what a friend at church did with her daughter that was attached to a passie and I thought, that sounds like a great idea.

I went out and got a few flower balloons, came home, tied Evan Grace's orange passie to the balloon ribbons and told her we were going to go outside and send her passie up to heaven for all the other babies that might need it. Evan Grace loves babies, she's all about the babies so I really thought this is why this senerio would work so well. She seemed excited and Isaac was pretty happy about it too. Here's a picture of her getting ready to launch away a small piece of her security.

So I tell her to give passie a kiss if she wants to (which she does, followed by one last suck) and say 'Bye passie' and then let it go. Her little fingers uncurled and up went the balloons and orange passie. It was a breeze day that day, perfect for watching balloons race across the sky. Their journey started over the roof of our house........

And directly into the large pecan tree in our back yard, where they promptly wrapped themselves around a branch and have been there ever since. That was until today. We're in the middle of a down pour complete with gushing winds and the branch that held these now deflated balloons captive snapped and down it came. The passie is still attached and in good shape, the orange color a little bleached out, and if the batteries in my camera weren't dead I'd take an after picture of it.

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Lisa Laree said...

Oh, Jessica! That is TOO funny!

I suppose the moral of this story is to always check the prevailing winds before take off... ;)