Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diaper cake anyone?

I helped my sister throw a baby shower for one of her good friends here in Virginia this past weekend. Aside from a lot of cooking and set up it was extremely fun. I love doing that kind of stuff. But I digress...of course if I'm invited to a baby shower I automatically think diaper cake! So I set to work on making one up for Beth (my sisters friend). Since I'm not at my house I didn't have all my extra pretty things to add on to it but I think I improvised pretty well for a spur of the moment cake. I didn't have my normal amount of time to plot and plan on this one. :)

Mackenzie sadly, doesn't come with the cake but she did enjoy posing with the pink puppy on top!

On a side note that really tickled me pink, my sister and I were asked throughout the entire shower by Beth's family (the guests we didn't know all that well) if we catered. I think that says job well done.
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