Friday, July 31, 2009

Craft Day

The kids woke up in a funk today and it was raining for the 6th day in a row here (it started to feel somewhat like Alabama weather until I stepped onto the porch and wasn't hit by a wave of heat) so I decided that all the crafty things the kids got for their birthday should come out and be worked on so that moods would improve and I could get a dose of cloudy sunshine.
We had sun catchers to paint.

And 3D color explosions to trace and watch leap off the page.

And a Disney princess BIG activity book to color, paint and decipher.

And the best craft of the day was painting rocks. Here they are all color primed and ready to go.

Busy, busy at work.

Isaac's finished rocks. He's drawn to red here lately.

Evan Grace's finished rocks, I knew she'd do a rainbow something.

Care to guess which of the rocks I painted? I'm not sure what happened to the unicorn, abscessed tooth maybe? The caterpillar is my favorite one.

And in between all the kids crafts I got to steal a few minutes to work on my stitch. I've also started quilting and didn't remember to snap a picture before I started this post.

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