Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My flower child.

My mom plants flowers every spring/summer. Then she waters them every night that it doesn't rain. Isaac and Evan Grace have taken to doing this with her. Evan Grace though, has turned into a true flower child. She loves to touch them, clean out the weeds, move the rocks around (instead of mulch..yuck) and pick the few blooms that have come and gone to make way for the new ones. What does she do with her flowers? She gives them to her best friend of almost 4 years, her Pawpaw.

Mackenzie and Isaac are buds with Pawpaw too, but no where near the degree that Evan Grace is. She would literally spend all day every day with her Pawpaw. She's already said she's going to grow up and go to work with 'my Pawpaw'. My dad eats this stuff up. So all flowers are gifted to him, which he graciously accepts and saves until they HAVE to be tossed. But not to worry, Evan Grace has already started on her next batch of flowers for him so he's never without. Here is a beautiful picture of her latest collection. My mom actually let her pick the really good blooms from the flowers this time. Evan Grace was so proud.

Here are the two BFFs riding the new horse tire my dad searched all over for. It's hard to tell who's having the best time.

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