Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crayon Rolls

I've seen these all over the net and I just knew that my two youngest kids would enjoy them. So I scoured the web for a pattern or tut and set out to making them. I think they came out pretty well. Maybe I'll scale back on the length of tie next time but I like the floppy bows and it's easy for the youngest to untie. :)

The crayon rolls can hold 16 crayons but I found that using 14 helped the roll...well....roll better and look better closed. I'm addicted to sewing these up, it's a quick project and I can usually crank out 2 of these in an hour or two start to finish. I'm thinking of making a fabric like book with a vertical crayon roll on one side and a small sketch pad on the other side. It was fun either way.

A side note, one of my followers asked ages ago if I was going to or if I could make up some kind of step by step on how to sew the reusable grocery bags I made out of pillowcases. I'm working on it right now and hope to have it posted in the next few days. Forgive my extreme tardiness. :) I've used the same bag technique to sew up some reusable Ziploc bags as well.
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