Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Little Girl

The little girl was about 18 months old, give or take a month or two when she was gifted with her very first purse. She filled her days with stuffing her little purse full of all kinds of things and then one by one taking everything out of her purse, only to fill it up and empty it out again. This was a grand idea, one her mom and dad found very amusing.

The little girl grew, and so did her obsession for filling things up and dumping them out. One thing changed though. The little girl started sorting out all the wonderful things she was finding to stuff into her purse and she was collecting any type of bag, pouch, zippered make-up bags that she could find. For hours the little girl would pick and choose things that went together and find the appropriate bag that would hold all her treasures and cram them into it. All this she did before dumping her findings out of their respective bags to start the process all over again. Puzzle pieces in one, Polly pocket toys in another, play food in the big bag, socks in a smaller one.

Her mom and dad started to joke that surely this little sorter would grow up to work on a factory line.

The little girl is a few weeks away from turning 4 now and her sorting and stuffing habit hasn't waxed or waned; though she's moved away from toys and into food.

DOG food that is, and yogurt cups. :) Recently we were house sitting for my aunt and Evan Grace spent a lot of time, A LOT, sorting Polly's Kibbles and Bits. :) And with those dimples and curls bouncing it wasn't long before she had talked Isaac and myself into helping her with the dog food.

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