Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bows and zippers.

Once I mastered buttons I was quick to move on to mastering zippers. Little did I know it would create another obsession....zippered pouches. I'm overrun with them. I have red ones, small ones, long ones, ruffles ones and now this one with a cute bow on it. Here's a step by step if you're interested.

You'll need
1-7'' zipper
2 pieces cute 5 1/2'' by 7''.
Ribbon: 1 piece cut 8'' and two other pieces cut 4'' and 2 1/2''.
(I know my picture shows 2 pieces of white fabric cut, but I decided not to line this little bag so just look over it)

Overlap the ends of your 4'' piece of ribbon. Sew the ends flat together.
Turn it over and wrap your 2'' piece of ribbon around the middle of the 4'' piece. Hand stitch this tiny piece closed. (You can try to do a better job than I did, it wouldn't take much)
Once you flip it right side up you have the start of your cute little bow. Set it aside for a few minutes.

Pin your 8'' piece of ribbon to the right side of the front piece of your project. I placed mine about 2'' above the bottom edge of the fabric.  Sew a seam on  the top and bottom of the ribbon to hold it into place.

Pick your tiny bow up and once you decide where to place it hand stitch it in place. I stitched at the top and bottom corners of the bows edges. Just as long as it's secure it shouldn't matter where you stitch it in place.
 Fold over a small edge on the top piece of  your fabric and press into place. Pin to your zipper and sew you zipper into the tops pieces of your fabric.
Though I don't have a picture, open your zipper half way, and with right sides together sew your side seams and bottom seam together. You can sew right over the zipper on the edges and cut off any excess if you have any.  Then turn your pouch right side out through the opening of the zipper. Excuse the wrinkles.
I'm in love with this pouch.
Recognize the fabric? I can't get nothing past you.

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