Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Poor Daisy.

A few weeks ago Daisy started scratching at what I call her knees. I mean scratching like crazy. She scratched and bite and licked at her 'knees' so much that she worried the hair off the skin and made the area red and pitiful looking. Then all of a sudden she stopped messing and the hair is starting to slowly grow back.
Then a few days ago I noticed her biting and licking at one of her front paws. Look at how horrible this looks. She was none to happy about this picture either, hence the blur spot that is her body.

I checked her over and what did I find but two spots on her belly that were starting to look like the places on her little knees. So off we went to the vet.

Turns out she has a sever food allergy to the red dye that was in her kibble and treats. So the Dr. put her on some pills and gave her a spray for the itchy spots. It's only day one of her medicine but I'm hoping it kicks in quickly so she's not constantly scratching and biting all over her furry body. Poor puppy.

My vet did tell me that she'd only give her dogs cheese as a treat and not any of the processed treats you'd find in the market. She recommended getting a block of cheese, cutting it up and giving her a few a day. At least Daisy gets something special out of her trip to the vet.

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