Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slow Cooker Creamy Corn

I love corn. I adore it really. I would eat it everyday with every meal...well maybe not breakfast but maybe brunch. It's the best grain in the world and I have yet to meet a corn dish that I didn't like. Now that I have a slow cooker recipe for creamy corn...life just got sweeter.

32 oz of frozen corn, dumped into your slower cooker.
2 (8oz) of cream cheese just placed on top of the corn. (I used one Fat Free block and the other block was Fat FULL)
Then you sprinkle on 2 TBS of sugar.
Next pour on 2 TBS of water.
Lastly take 4 slices of American cheese and crumble on top of everything.
Cover and set your cooker on low and let this cook beautiful for 6 hours, or a little less depending on how fast your cooker cooks.

Once everything is all cooked and melted, stir and serve.
In all honesty I think this dish should be called Cream Cheese with Corn.
It's so rich and creamy and so very perfect.

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Leisha said...

Wow....creamy,cheesy,corny WOW that is!!