Monday, March 24, 2008

A life in the day

I'm blogging again. I stopped blogging for awhile, when one of my blogs created quite the dust up with a few folks. Ahhhh...the power of the written word. It can make those you think were your friends your enemies. It can show you who will rat you out in a heart beat, who not to trust and help pin point those friends that really do know your heart. But I digress!

My parents came down for Easter service. It was great, the service and the visit with my parents. My mom and I did some major spring cleaning at the house and dad of course, had to work on things, fix whatever might need fixing and just do the man stuff! It was great. I was blessed with supportive, loving parents. It's always hard when they leave though. Makes me hate Alabama more every time.

Mackenzie's school year is wrapping up, a few more months and she'll be out for summer. Isaac knows the letters A-J and how to write them somewhat. So that's great as well. Evan Grace is almost completely potty trained....go Ev!! The dojo is still booming. Found out that one of the greatest people I've ever met (lisa boatner) has sold her house and is hopefully moving back to Huntsville! Can't wait for that!

Job wise,'s sucks...but what's new. I'm living for the day I can walk in and quit and go home and celebrate! I'm a stay-at-home mom who's not getting to stay at home like she should and no matter how much lipstick you try to put on a pig, it's still an ugly pig!!!! God's growing me though, that's why I'm here, and where I'm at doing what I'm doing and trying to be happy about it. I said trying.......I use to not try at I'm making progress....right?

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