Monday, June 8, 2009

Dixie Caverns

My sister and her husband and I took the kids to Dixie Caverns today. It's only an hour from where we live and I hadn't been there since I was in grade school. I remembered loving it and being amazed at how BIG it was. It's not as big as I remember it, but it's still just as gorgeous. Maybe more since I can actually appreciate more of the natural beauty. I already can't wait to go again. I'm just a cave lover.

At the end of the tour our guide took us back to the large open area where we started and explained to us that if we were ever lost in a cave without a flashlight that we would go blind after a week because the human eye would strain so hard to focus on something it would simple wear out. Then and only then would hysteria set it. (Why didn't I bring a flashlight?) Then our guide calmly told us she was going to shut off the lights so we could experience cave darkness and that she would be back in about a week to turn the lights back on. Ha ha. Very funny. She did turn the lights off and I'm telling you it was darker than anything I had ever experienced before. But the best part had to be when Isaac spoke up above the group a few seconds after the lights turned off and said, 'Whoa, I just turned invisible'. The entire trip was worth it just to give him the experience of 'being invisible'.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love Isaac's invisible comment. Totally cool. I love caverns but I've never been to one that spectacular. Back in highschool, an old flame and I used to go "caving." We'd squeeze into the cave through a small crevice and army crawl through the dark caves. I dropped my flashlight once and it was so far down I couldn't see the light anymore. We did all of this to end up in an amazing "room" somewhere in the middle of the rock. Fifteen years later, I can't hardly imagine myself being that brave, let alone, LOVING it. Kid's sure do have a way of grounding you. ;>) Glad you had fun and NICE SLIDESHOW!!!