Monday, June 8, 2009

Homemade Brushetta...yummm!

So while I'm in Virginia I'm doing the grocery shopping for my mom, as well as cooking. While on my CVS/Walgreens run today I stopped in at Food Lion. No, they don't have Food Lions in Alabama but I wish they did. I got some pretty good finds in there.

One of the pretty good finds I bagged was 2 loaves of French Bread for $0.94 EACH. So before I tossed it in to my cart, ok ok, AS I was tossing 2 loaves into my cart I started thinking of what to make with these wonderful loaves of fresh french bread. I had menu planned spaghetti for tonight so I thought, garlic bread, then I went a step farther because I know my mom like's Brushetta bread but doesn't really make it often. Soooo I made this up on the spot. Mixed up my own garlic butter, spread it on both sides. Baked it for 5 minutes, flipped them, brushed on some oil, sprinkled on Italian seasoning, chopped Roma tomatoes and Parmesan cheese and cooked another 5 minutes. Wow was it good.

Oh, for those of you wondering what I'm going to make with the second loaf....all I'll say is it involves a crock pot and a dozen eggs. Maybe I'll get a chance to make it this weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Ya could always come and stay with me for a while. I love the idea of someone else doing the shopping and the cooking. I'd be happy to do the dishes!