Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's here.

The toothbrushing soap finally arrived!!! Yay!!!! So far I'm the only one that has used it. Mackenzie is our brush your teeth girl at nighttime for the two yonger ones, and I haven't taken the time to show her how to use it yet or the right amount to put on the younger ones brushes. It's easy, wet the brush, rub in a circular motion until you coat the bristles, then brush and rinse.

This is a great alternative for regular chemical FULL toothpaste and another good way to go green.

There's very little flavor here even though it says it's Strawberry Lime and since I don't get that burn/tingle feeling I often wonder how well it's cleaning but it's getting the job done no doubt. I'm curious as to how the kids will respond. Evan Grace HATES toothpaste cause it's 'spicy'. We'll see I'll have to post an update when I finally get the time to show them the new toothbrushing soap!
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Anonymous said...

Do a peroxide swish to whiten and kill germs if you are concerned. Cool idea. I didn't even know it existed. We use Tom's Natural toothpaste. I like Cinnamon Clove and the kids like Strawberry.