Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rice Box

I've been wanting to make the kids a rice box for a long time, but just seemed to get sidetracked with other things to make and play with. Plus, I grew up playing in a sandbox at one of our sitters houses and remember loving it, but also remember how it seemed to stay with me hours and sometimes days? later. I didn't want the experience of having to be the parent that complained about cleaning up sand either, so rice it is. Since we're in Virginia for awhile and the weather here is gorgeous aside from some rain showers I thought why not just make it here. So we took off to the store and got a Rubbermaid with a lid and though the picture below shows 40lbs of rice I only needed 20lbs. So I'll have to take the 2nd bag back. :)

After I dumped one of the bags of rice in the Rubbermaid we loaded it full of small toys that I let the kids pick out at the DollarTree. Ahh don't you love the DollarTree for things like this?
The kids then spent the next hour, digging and playing in the rice box. Isaac kept telling me how much he loved it and how he liked the feel of the rice. Evan Grace was tickled pink sitting and digging up the clear plastic princess slippers only to bury them and start all over again.

Isaac picked out pirate coins and some bug rings to put in the rice box but he ended up playing more with the magnetic fishing pole set. Evan Grace and I would half bury the crab, sea horse and octopus and he spent his time finding them and then catching them with his pole. Over all I'd have to say the rice box was a big success. Both of them asked if they could play with the rice box again after dinner. I'm glad they like it.

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Leisha said...

Very cool - I wanna fish with Isaac too !!!

Anonymous said...

What a good momma. Funny how people can spend a small fortune on toys to find that children are equally impressed with tubs of rice, cardboard boxes, and rolls of toilet paper.

Tree of Life said...

Years ago my babies had a rice box. People thought I was crazy. I love your passion towards parenting!

JoeyfromSC said...

neat idea! Rice, who'da thunk it? lol

You have a very nice blog!! I'm gonna help my best friend make this for his son!(my godson)