Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 Minute Dress.

If ever there were a princess it would be Evan Grace. She's all girl, loves her hair clips and make up. She loves wearing dresses and pretty shoes and changing shoes and dresses throughout the day. So imagine my surprise when my princess picked out this black and white hoodie about a year ago. It's cute, I personally would have picked it out for her to wear but I would have had to bribe her to get her to wear it. Since she was the one that picked it out then she wears it every chance she gets.

Just look how much she loves it?

It was beginning to show her little belly. She's grown so fast the last couple of months that a lot of her clothing is coming up to short on her. I didn't want to let this hoodie go and I'm sure she didn't either.  Earlier that day she had asked me if she could help me cut fabric. I agreed, thinking I would give her some scrapes and see what she came up with. Then I thought...huh....what if I take that hoodie and add some fabric to it, make it longer so she can at least play in it and love it a little longer.  I cut 3 inches off the bottom of the shirt.

Then I pulled out some nice red cotton fabric and some 4 way stretch black knit. I wanted just a waistband size of the red, just enough to add some color. The black I cut long enough to make a long skirt out of.
With right sides together I started sewing on the red waist band.
Then I pinned and sewed on the black skirt part. Finally I sewed the 3 inch of the hoodie I cut off to the bottom of the black skirt part. And viola!!! Her hoodie was now a play dress that maybe will last the rest of this year???

Then I nicely asked her to sit for me and pose in her new dress. She did so, and I was very pleased with the results. Look at those sweet eyes and the curls.
Then she started getting antsy. I don't blame her though, she kept saying how much she loved her new dress, hugging her arms around herself and running through the house to show her sister and brother, until I made her sit for pictures that is.

"Ok Evan Grace, go ahead and get up and pose however you want too." (I'm such a good mom right?) This is the picture I got seconds after uttering the words.
Yeah, I think I should have kept her sitting down.

I was going to title this post '15 Minute Dress' but between all the pinning and sewing I was drawning hearts and helping the little princess cut them out.

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