Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ruffles, Owls, Stripes and Mermaids.

I've been an apron machine here lately. Not only have I gotten my hands on some fun and pretty fabric but I picked up a few new patterns and sat down to try them all at once. This first one, the ruffle apron, has to be my favorite, though I don't think I'll ever wear it. Who would want to risk getting this dirty while cooking and cleaning?

Ruffle Apron
Remember this fabric from my Christmas loot? I found some coordinating yellow/gold fabric for the pockets and neck band. How cute is this? It hangs and wears just like a dress. So very cute and I love the wide neck/shoulder bands. I have a lot more owl fabric and I'm thinking of finding a coordinating pink fabric for the next one.

Owl Apron

I made this apron for Isaac. When I tied it on him, I immediately wanted to send him outside to the grill so he could whip us up some steaks. :) I added the hand buttons on the top corners and one on the pocket to help break up all the strips. I think this could work as an art apron as well. Maybe next one I make like this I'll add a row right below the pocket to hold markers or crayons. Who knows, the possibilities are endless right?

Art-Cooking Apron for Boy
Evan Grace's apron, take two. Finally, I had to shorten the bodice and come in an inch on the sides of the skirt just to get this size 3/4 apron to fit Ev's small frame. She was so excited it was finished and she's lived in this apron for days now. "What can I do for you now?" Is a question she asks every few minutes. I love that she wants to put her apron to good use. Isaac, on the other hand, well I'm just glad he wore it for a few hours. As for putting it to good use? Who are we kidding?

Little Mermaid Apron.

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