Friday, January 29, 2010

Try try again.

I posted about this apron the other day. I was so excited to finish it and tie it on Evan Grace. She was excited to, asking me over and over if it was done yet, what we were going to do when she got to put it on. I was more excited because she was so excited about her first real apron.


Then I slipped it over her little arms, crossed the ties behind her shoulders and tied it. Spun her around with a big smile plastered on my face and nearly screamed out loud in frustration because the dang thing was tooooo big on her. I guess a 4/5 on this pattern isn't really a 4/5 but more like a 5/6. She was disappointed to and kept telling me that it was okay, she could still clean up in it. :)

I'm going to make her another one though. My god brother (yes it does sound like I'm in the mafia, but not, honestly I'm not, but if I were would I really blog about it? Jeesh...come on) anyway, my god brother's girlfriends little girl (yes, it's complicated) was having a birthday party and she's bigger than Evan Grace. So we gifted her with this homemade princess apron that I really think once it fits right can be used as a play dress as well.

I am looking forward to making another one of these. I adore this pattern and I'm going to let Evan Grace pick out her own fabric again, who knows what she'll end up with. :)

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