Monday, January 25, 2010

Tie One On.

I've had the same mail man, Chris, that I've had since I was in high school. He's a good guy, always goes above and beyond what I think a mailman should. Definitely goes above and beyond the mailmen I had in Alabama. I mean he drives up the driveway and hand delivers packages that don't fit in the mailbox. He even knocks on the door and waits for me to answer it instead of just leaving it on the porch for who knows what to happen. But I digress....I was washing dishes the other day when I saw my mailman's trusty car pull into my driveway. So I dried my hands, slipped on some shoes and walked out to meet him so he didn't have to get out in the rain only to have him laugh at me.

"Do girls seriously wear aprons now a days?"
I glanced down, and sure enough I was wearing my favorite apron in all of the world. Isn't it cute?

I love aprons. I wear them to cook, sew, do dishes, clean up anything sometimes I find myselfon an apron so I can fix up dinner and not taking it off until after I've cooked, ate and cleaned the kitchen. I love aprons so much I started sewing them. Starting with something as simple as a cute apron kit like this Fun Apron.

To something a little more complicated and time consuming like the one I just finished Sunday night. Do you recognize the fabric? Looks a little bit like my loved hobo bag right?

I really enjoy this pattern, so much so that I started one for Evan Grace soon after I finished mine. All that's left is sewing down the rick rack. I was going to give her two pockets to match mine completely but I didn't pay enough attention the fabric when I laid it out to cut it. The pockets are so long that it was going to end up covering the majority of the princesses so I gave her one and made the other one a semi-circle. Isaac wants one now, so I'm going to have to find some really manly fabric and make him one that's more like an art smock instead of the ruffle one pictured.

This apron I didn't make, but it's one of my favorites as well. Honestly, I haven't found an apron yet that I haven't liked on some level. I've started a collection, I'm thinking of sewing up a bunch of aprons and putting them on Etsy...matching mom and daughter ones. Who knows, I'm full of grand ideas but rarely put action to them. Plus, how am I going to be able to part with an apron I've poured my heart and soul into...oh yeah...the money.

I know I'm not the only girl that wears aprons. My friend Leisha loves aprons just as much as I do (maybe more?) and has even blogged about her apron. My friend Erin wore one to her cake decorating class. My kids wear them when they paint and cook with me...but honestly....are girls that wear aprons dieing out?
Oh and in case you're wondering, I set Mr. Chris the mailman straight on girl's wearing aprons. Though I loved the fact that he called this thirty something a girl I was quick to let him know that smart, beautiful women know the value of a great apron. :)

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Leisha said...

Amen Sister - I love my new Mama Leisha Apron more than words can say!!! I wish I could sew better and I too would have an apron wardrobe ;-)