Monday, January 4, 2010

Changes, not goals.

It's January. The worst month of the year. Doesn't matter to me that my birthday is in January, or that my mom's birthday is in January. It's been the worst month in all the years since I was in my teens. I don't look forward to January. I want to rip the entire month of January out of every calendar and just go straight to February. But then I stop and think, wouldn't that just make February the worst month of the year? *sigh*

I hate setting goals for myself. I feel like it's the first step in NOT meeting that goal. Write it down for all to see and then go ahead and disappoint them. So maybe that's why I'm going to call them changes and not goals.

With this January sure to be just as yucky as any other January I decided to try and change it up a little for myself. The church I was involved in back in Alabama, always did some form of fasting in January for 21 days. When I worked at the church it was pretty much mandatory you went along with a fast of some kind. I didn't mind it. The entire family and I gave up TV, video games, all things entertainment for those 21 days. It was refreshing, and I found myself wishing I had the willpower to keep it up. Of course I don't have that kind of will power. But it is January again and jan 3rd was the first day of any fast you were wanting to do. I'm starting, Monday, the 4th. I'm going to do a combination of the Wesleyan Fast and a Daniel Fast. No food from sun up to sun down and then only fruits and veggies after sun down, and very few at that until the 21st.  Since we're in Virginia I don't see that I can get everyone on board for an entire family fast but I'm still thinking of something the kids could fast until the 21st. I'm looking foward to it, I feel stronger now than I have in years and I'm expecting more strength at the end of the fast. Though, unlike the other years I've been involved with fasting, I'm not doing this one for any spirtual reasons. They'll be no pray time or bible reading during the times I would have normally ate for this fast.  No extra seeking of anyone's wisdom for my life. Nope, not any of that.

 I'm going to blog more, more than just pictures and recipes and things I've created. Actual blogging, writing down what's going on in my head, what tid bit I've picked up along the way. What line I read from a book and thought 'wouldn't that make a great opening liner for a scene in a book where the girl...." you get the point. Oh I'm sure to still posts projects, kid pictures and recipe updates. But I want to add more here than just the fluff stuff.

 I've decided to take on a little project all about me. There are 52 weeks in a year right? Each week I'm going to snap a picture of myself in some form or fashion and post it here, along with a fact, tid bit, or otherwise piece of sillyness about me and my life.  I find I spend so much of my time focusing on all those around me that I often overlook the odd and fun things about me that make me uniquely me. I'm going to call it Project 52.

I have more changes in me, more to post about, but these are the only ones I've come to terms with and I'm determind to complete.

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