Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Die For!

I made up a batch of peanut butter cookies. Not from scratch, from a pouch.

Then I melted half a bag of chocolate morsels, with some vanilla, peanut butter, and a little butter.
I dumped the peanut butter cookies in a bowl, and poured on the chocolate.

Then I gently stirred the cookies until they were covered in chocolate.

Then, working with only a few cookies at a time, I dropped them into a Ziploc bag with
powdered sugar and rolled, then shook, then rolled and shook them some more.

Then I pulled them free of the powdered sugar bag and placed them on cooling racks
to set completely. These cookies are...to...die...for. No kidding. So very delicious.
Not my own recipe, but one that is going to be used a lot and frequently.

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Anonymous said...

I just wiped a little drool from my mouth.

Jessica G said...

lol....seriously I think you and the kids would love these!!!! I want to make some right now.