Friday, January 22, 2010

Part of my love life.

I love my slow cooker, aka crock pot. I mean, I event cut out a pretty big pink heart and taped it to the side of my slow cooker just for this picture. It's love, pure and simple.

I make lots and lots of yummy things with my slow cooker. Like my favorite food ever, Onion Roasted Chicken and my mom's favorite Cheddar Bacon Chicken.

But I wanted to change things up. I wanted to make sweet things with my slow cooker and not just dinner items. I mean, I've already cooked Caramel Sweetened Condensed was so delicious. But I found myself needing more from my slow cooker, and after bombing my mom's birthday cake I was looking for something new, easy and fool proof.

Enter: Slow Cooker Chocolate Pudding Cake.

After non-stick spraying the bottom and sides of my slow cooker I whisked 1 large box of instant sugar free chocolate pudding with 3 cups of skim milk. (See it's even on the somewhat healthier side). I poured it into the slow cooker, and didn't' even bother to smooth it out for fear I would disturb the non-stick coating.

Then a box of devil's food cake, mixed up by following the directions on the back of the box. Then carefully, ohhh so carefully over the pudding. DO NOT STIR!

I cooked this wonderfully sweet cake for 2 1/2 hours on high. Let it stand, still covered for 20 minutes. You're going to be so tempted to open the lid before it's cooled down enough and dive right in. I know, I know, does it really make a difference? The chocolate pudding that you added in the beginning has to thicken up some or when you go to serve this you'll end up with gloppy pudding on top of a super moist cake.

Top with cool whip and try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting.

I'm already craving another piece!

Look for more slow cooker recipes coming next week. I got my greedy hands on a few new recipes that I'm itching to try.

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Amy said...

I have my Grandma's killer recipe for crock pot candy. James LOVES it. It is chocolate & peanuts. I'd be glad to share if you're interested.

Jessica G said...

Am I interested? Did you, for real, just ask if I was interested in slow cooker candy, that involves chocolate and peanuts....pish....yes I'm interested. Send it as fast as you can please!!!